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Airclinic Healthcare

Air Clinic Health Tourism is the health tourism platform that is established by Air Clinic group to mediate delivery of quality healthcare services in Turkey at affordable prices to the patients from all around the world.

Offering transfer service to more than 5 million patients in 8 airports of Turkey since 2015, Air Clinic has transferred 1 million passengers solely in 2019. We pick the patients up from their seats in the plane and transfer them with golf carts or, if necessary, wheelchairs. We track passport control and luggage procedures together with our patients.

You will be feeling as the special one, not just in the airport but also during you stay in Turkey, thanks to our experience field staff and our strong partnerships; we welcome you from your plane seat and we are with you all along your journey in Turkey.

We are offering our patients an all-inclusive health tourism experience that starts when your plane lands and carries on for a lifetime.

Our Vision

The International Airclinic Healthcare has the desire and goal to play an important role in the medical industry. As a bridge between patients and top physicians, we aim to be an important reference for all patients around the world.

Our Mission

– Using up to date techniques in all treatments.

– Providing the best quality service at most affordable prices.

– Working with the best physicians and hospitals of Turkey

– Communicating quickly and continuously to understand your needs and wants.

Why You Should Turkey for Your Medical Tourism Destination

Did you know Turkey has been one of the leading countries in the healthcare and medical tourism. There is a reason for it, Turkey is the amongst the most popular tourist destination in the world! With more than a million visitors coming for medical care annually, it has developed into a well-liked medical tourism destination.

Why Turkey is Amongst the Most Popular Medical Tourism Destinations

Compared to developed countries like UK, USA, Italy, Turkey is well-known to have affordable prices but keeping the quality of the service very high. This is partially because of the currency strength of Turkey.

67% of people who travel abroad choose to take advantage of the up to 90% lower cost of surgeries in Turkey for their private hospital care. That says a lot about how reasonably priced their medical offers are.

Moreover, cosmetic surgeries in Turkey are 70% less expensive than in European countries. So, without compromising the high-quality of the treatments you need, you can save more money.

Highly Educated and Experienced Surgeons and Hospitals

The facilities are in Turkey are highly experienced dealing the needs and wants of the medical tourism patient, as they have different needs than the domestic patients. For example, multi-language speaking nurses and medical staff other than your surgeon.

In Turkey, healthcare industry is competitive the technology is being used in the hospitals are more than you are expecting. Cutting-edge technologies are used for the sake of our patients, with the currency-rates, use of these technologies would be costing a fortune elsewhere.

The Turkish Ministry of Health reports that approximately 552,000 people worldwide prefer Turkey. 4 million people travelled to Turkey as medical tourists since 2018 to use the country's healthcare services.

Unique Medical Tourism Packages

Turkey's medical packages include a variety of services to ensure that visitors have a trouble-free stay. Medical tourists visiting Turkey can enjoy various healthcare programs.


The programs "packages" provide five-star lodging and a variety of amenities to provide you with a comfortable experience!

Here is the difference of Airclinic Healthcare steps in, we use all our power in the industry and experience to make you feel comfortable and feel special.

  1. we are welcoming you from the seat of your plane help you through the airport including taking your luggages and passing the passport control.
  2. With our VIP vehicles we take you to your luxury hotel to make yourself at home. After you settle at your hotel.
  3. We take you to the hospital and get your consultation from your surgeon.
  4. On the day of the operation your medical consultant will be ready at the hospital until your operation is finished off safely and you are in the hospital room.
  5. When you are discharged from the hospital, we will be taking back to you to your hotel.
  6. On the control-day we take you to your hospital.
  7. On the day of your return, your VIP vehicle take you to the airport with your medical consultant and airclinic staff will be helping you back to your plane.
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Medical Consultancy that Understands Your Needs

Internationally Accrediated Hospitals

We are working with hospitals that are accrediated by international committees.This is the only way, we can be sure that our patients are in safe hands..

Luxury Accomodations

We know, that being far away from your house can be overwhelming, but at luxury hotels in Istanbul, you will feel at home.

We are Always Here For You

To minimize all your worries, we meet you before you leave your plane and airclinic staff is always with you in Istanbul.


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Our Partners

We rely on the prestegious international accreditation organizations to make sure service you will get from the hospital is the best and your experience is satisfactionary, all our partners are accrediated by international organizations



ISO 9001




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